Best Primary Schools in Cape Town (2020)

Cape town is a home town too so many in South Africa, it’s one of the biggest and famous towns in South Africa because of the advanced development and technology that has evolved over the years. The environment of a place plays a major role in a child’s education in all aspects, staying in cape […]Read More

The Best Affordable Schools in South Africa (2020)

We all know that a child is influenced by the environment – physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and even religiously; as a result the school environment helps n influencing the child for good or bad. It is, therefore, necessary that the school a child is enrolled in is an affordable one, had ethical and moral values […]Read More

The Best High Schools in Johannesburg (2020)

A good education is very paramount in a child’s life; but, if the education is not adding positive things to the child’s life, it is almost useless. Therefore, it is essential that the school should be an agent of change, motivation, encouragement, and hope to a child. In selecting a school, you must look for […]Read More

Best Primary Schools in South Africa (2020)

The primary school educational foundation is no doubt the bedrock of every child’s education and is also paramount to every child. It’s every parent’s ultimate goal to give their children quality foundational education from the best schools with high educational standing and reputation. An excellent primary school background is what every child needs to perform […]Read More

Best Schools in Pretoria (High Schools, Primary Schools & Colleges)

It is no doubt that the environment influences the well-being of a child – physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and even religiously; and the school environment goes a long way in influencing the child for good or bad. It is, therefore, necessary that the school a child is enrolled in is one characterized by ethical values, principles, […]Read More

12 Best Private Universities in South Africa

The most exciting thing about education is getting the very best and of high quality, getting a degree from the best schools is of great prestige to everyone and every parent. Education is of utmost importance and essence to one’s reputation and qualification in life.   Getting a school whose academic system is super-fast and […]Read More

13 Best Private Schools in Sandton (2020)

The best gift parents can give to their children is that of education, so it is paramount to choose the best for the wellbeing of the child. Choosing a good school for your child is one essential decision that shouldn’t be taken likely; because this is the foundation of everything about the child, present, and […]Read More

26 Best Primary Schools in Johannesburg (2020)

The Primary Schools in Johannesburg are beautiful and very standard. Being cited in Johannesburg, a tourist attraction, it also boasts of having some of the best primary schools in South Africa. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of these schools for your consideration.   Bedfordview Primary School This co-educational school uses […]Read More

Best International Schools in Johannesburg

International schools in Johannesburg are no doubt one of the best places to give your wards sound education with global teachings. With international education, students are exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and languages, broadening their academic horizon and increasing them in knowledge and learnings. International schools are the best choice for ex-pats or […]Read More

Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg (Corrective Schools)

Remedial schools in Johannesburg use an alternative type of education system and skills development initiated in a bid to correct, improve, upgrade, and refine a person or child in skills or subjects he/she lacks in. It is carried out in areas of developmental skills or education, compensatory and makeup education, academic enhancement, and bridging gaps […]Read More

Best British Curriculum Schools in South Africa

The British curriculum is the most accepted and popularly known educational structure and standard that’s widely adopted around the globe, it’s said to be the best system of education in the world because of the impact it has on learning and teaching. Most schools accredited under the Educational board is obligated to use the British […]Read More