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Educational: Ways of Making Money Fast Illegally in South Africa

How to Make Money in South Africa IllegallyIt seems these days the only thing south African youths look out for is how to make money illegally very fast with minimal work.

As a result of this mindset, many south Africans go into different illegal activities both Online and locally.

Today am going to be highlighting 5 illegal ways of making money in South Africa.

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Disclaimer: This post is only to expose these scams to you so you know how to avoid them in the long run. It is in no way a form of encouragement to partake in such illegal activities.


5 Ways of Making Money fast illegally in South Africa

  1. Internet/Email Scams
  2. Fake Investment Company Scams
  3. Fake Sure/FIxed Betting
  4. Selling Fake iTunes Cards
  5. Bitcoin Scams (Cryptocurrency Scams)



Internet/Email Scams


Best Places to Add Keywords in Your Blog Posts For Beginners

The internet, the main source of illegal activities in South Africa and in most countries right now. Its no surprise that the internet has become the number one source of scams and illegal activities, according to HostingFacts there were over 4.1 billion Internet users in the world as of December 2018.

The main reason people go into these online illegal activities is that its very simple to create these scams and people tend to fall for them a lot.

The police and cybercrime security also seem to be very inefficient in capturing the culprits after getting several reports on internet fraud.


Some Well Known Internet Scams in South Africa

  • The 419 Scam (Advance Fee payment)
  • Pre-Approved Notice
  • The Phishing Scam
  • Disaster Relief Scams
  • Travel Scams
  • Lottery Scam


You can get more information about these scams from INVESTOPEDIA’S Scam article

The 419 Scam (Advance Fee payment)

The 419, or “Nigerian Scam,” is one of the most common scams on the Internet, one you may have already seen in your own inbox. According to the FBI, this fraudulent scheme, named after the article of Nigerian Criminal Code that outlaws fraud, drew $12.7 billion into the pockets of fraudsters between 2013 and 2018.


Pre-Approved Notice

You receive a letter or an email declaring that you have been pre-approved for either a credit card or bank loan. Those experiencing financial strain may fall victim to this scam, which promises instant approval and appealing credit limits. The catch? You must pay a fee upfront and at the time of sign-up.


The Phishing Scam

You receive an email from a seemingly familiar enterprise you deem legitimate such as your bank, university or a retailer you frequent. The message directs you to a site – usually to verify personal information such as email addresses and passwords – that then steals your information and exposes your computer to attack by scammers. Phishing scams are some of the most common out there.



Fake Investment Company Scams

How to Make Money in South Africa Illegally

If you were a victim of the old MMM Ponzi scheme then this should be something your familiar with. Currently, there are thousands of fake investment websites online claiming to give up to 90% returns in short periods.

Surprisingly, up until date a lot of internet users from South Africa still fall for these petty tricks just because of the mouth-watering offer of making easy money.

It’s very easy to design such sites and make them look legit. Fake company certificate, Staff images, Receipts, and testimonies. All to convince you t invest.

a good solution to this is making quality research before paying for anything. Find someone close by who does the same investment, check online forums for real feedback and you should be saved.



Fake Sure/FIxed Betting

How to Make Money in South Africa Illegally
How to Make Money in South Africa Illegally

This Scam surfaces the same time online betting became popular. Facebook seems to be the home for these criminals these days.

What they do is to promise you fixed betting outcome tips for a large sum of money, immediately you pay them the next thing they do is coin fake predictions and send to you.

The victims unknowingly to them proceed to these betting sites and stake a larger amount to make a profit. Believe me, the end is never good.

People lose millions daily just because of their ignorance, there’s no such thing as fixed matched betting and even if there was, facebook isn’t the best place to get real tips.

The scammers themselves are very tricky, they post pictures of expensive cars, trips to Dubai, money withdrawn in the bulk, etc. just to influence people.

Just stay clear of anything considered FIXED and you’ll be saved.


Selling Fake iTunes Cards

This one is popular with the youths, an iTunes card is a merchant gift card where funds on the card are used to pay for iTunes products.

So it’s simple, once you get the pin of an iTunes card you can use to fund your iTunes account. Scammers exploit this by selling real iTunes gift cards for the first few times after receiving payment then making way with the victims’ money during one of the transactions online.

It’s straight forward, you pay me a few times and I give you the real stuff after you’ve trusted me fully, I insist you deposit first as am having issues with bank or some other excuse.

That’s it, your money disappears.


Bitcoin Scams (Cryptocurrency Scams)

How to Make Money in South Africa Illegally

This became popular just a few years ago, though the scam rate has reduced over the years due to people getting wiser over time, it remains a serious scam to be wary of as a South African.

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. It’s more like virtual money, it doesn’t have any physical representation.

as of when I wrote this article, a single bitcoin is worth 150,189.81 South African Rand. that’s a lot of money right? some people have lost more than 30 of those due to scam.

Some popular bitcoin scams from include;



These are just but a few ways scammers use to make money in South Africa and worldwide too. I hope you’re wiser now as that was the purpose of this article.


You can also leave a reply below of other forms of scams you’ve encountered before, I’d be happy to add to the list.

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Make Money Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online in South Africa

How to Make Money Online in South AfricaMaking money online in South Africa is what a lot of people crave for, the problem is that no one is willing to work hard to make money online as they think making money online in South Africa is an easy task.


Is it Hard To Make Money Online In South Africa?

The answer to that question depends on you. Making money online generally is considered “HARD,” especially now that a lot of people have gone into it.

If your willing to put in the work, 100% guaranteed to make money online in South Africa would be like a child’s play.


Today, I am going to be going over five ways of the significant ways of making money online in South Africa.

5 Ways of Making Money Online in South Africa

  1. Starting A Blog
  2. Online Affiliate Marketing
  3. Freelancing Online
  4. Make YouTube Videos
  5. Online Surveys


Make Money Online in South Africa From Starting a Blog


Blogging is simply the act of writing articles that solve problems. In South Africa, Blogging is not yet too popular, which makes it an excellent investment to start now.

There are countless ways to make money from blogging online.

Some top blogs in south Africa like BuzzSouthAfrica, make a lot of money every month from blogging.

If you would like to start a blog in South Africa at an affordable price, quickly reach us via this contact form.


Make Money Online in South Africa with Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online in South Africa with Affiliate Marketing

Ever heard of affiliate marketing before? Well, it’s merely a business model where you help people/companies market there goods and services, for every successful purchase, you get a commission (5% – 50%).

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs in South Africa, the best being Jumia Affiliate, which you can register in right now and start driving sales for them.

You can also try out any of the following;



Make Money Online in South Africa From Freelancing

Make Money Online in South Africa From Freelancing

No doubt, you must have heard about freelancing a lot; what you don’t know is that freelancing online in South Africa is very easy because of the lack of competition there.

Many people who want stuff down in South Africa prefer to work with people from South Africa; this is a big opportunity or those who would like to make money online in SA.

Some major Freelancing platforms in South Africa include.

Top Freelance Websites in South Africa


Make Money Online in South Africa with YouTube Videos


If your skilled at one or more particular thing & your ok being in front of a camera, then Making Youtube videos online might be the best way to make money online in South Africa for you

One Downside about making money online in South Africa through Youtube videos is the initial investment. You would need a good camera, a laptop, and a microphone, which could cost you a few thousand bucks to setup.

You would also require Video Editing skills to make the videos look good enough.

The good news is, once you start earning from Youtube via ADSENSE & sponsored videos, all these initial expenses get recovered, and you start making more and more money.



Make Money Online in South Africa Through Online Surveys

Make Money Online in South Africa Through Online Surveys

Surveys are like questionnaires in which people are paid to fill up, and it consists of simple to answer questions, which usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

The lengthier the Survey, the more you will earn per survey, and they are straightforward to complete.

This isn’t going to give you millions overnight, but you can take it as your part-time hobby whenever you have free time even with your phone you can complete offers and make cash while resting back.

Below I’ve listed out some of the most prominent ones this 2019.

Making money as a student, especially in South Africa, is a problem many people face while schooling. No matter your level of education, making money is something that every student can achieve.

Everyone has his or her reason for wanting to make money somehow, whether it’s paying for tuition or buying that new phone you’ve had in mind for months now, capital is essential.


Today am going to be enlightening you on ten easy ways of making money as a student, and as a BONUS, I’ve compiled this entire article for you in PDF Format. You can download it at the end of the material and read it later.


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Easy Ways of Making Money as a Student in South Africa

  1. Organize Paid Tutorials For Year 1 Students
  2. Give Private Lessons Every Weekend
  3. Compile & Sell Past Exam Questions
  4. Get a Part-time Job
  5. Sell Recharge Card
  6. Do Assignment For other Students
  7. Become a Campus Photographer
  8. Handle Final Year Projects
  9. Sell Hard To Find Textbooks
  10. Do Typing Jobs




Organize Paid Tutorials For Year 1 Students

Organize Paid Tutorials For Year 1 Students - How to Make Money As a Student in South Africa

One thing that is very common in higher institutions is the need for extra tutorials organized by students.

This is especially true for year one students as they currently do not have enough experience.

Since my Second Year, I’ve been in charge of various tutorials, Every week, I was being paid 127 South African Rand.

This was just from one tutorial, and I handled up to 4, we met once a week, and it was a relatively easy course to teach.

From my experience, I can boldly say, it’s possible to survive in school on only this.


Give Private Lessons Every Weekend

Give Private Lessons Every Weekend - How to Make Money As a Student in South Africa

Another unique way I make money as a student Is through private lessons. After the organized tutorials, some students would come up to me and inquire if I offered one to one private lessons. Guess what? They pay even higher; most of these kinds of students usually are financially buoyant and need someone to guide their grades.

I usually charge for each lesson, but you can agree to go on a monthly fee.



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Compile & Sell Past Exam Questions


This is one of the easiest ways of making money as a student in South Africa, this business requires some investment and stress (research) at the start, but after you get past that, the high long term passive income awaits.

Compile & Sell Exam Past Questions

It’s simple, go around the school to different departments, visit their printing press and cyber cafes and acquire as many past questions as you can. You can photocopy a copy for each one you find.

After gathering a reasonable amount, next up is a compilation. You can do this by sorting each one by year and relevance.

After all is done, you advertise cheaply and effectively (Paste Flyers all over your institution stating all the past questions you have and the price for each).

Believe me, when I say this, you’ll get severe customers over the long run, and the best part is, you don’t even have to stress again, just photocopy and sell, that’s all.



Get a Part-time Job

Get a part time job - How to Make Money As a Student in South Africa

This one is easy, and you’ve thought about this already, yes it’s stressful, but hey, it pays the bills.

One way of making this a little bit easier for your self is by working only evening shifts and making sure the location is closer to your house.

I got a part-time job back in Year 2 in a Computer business center. My job was simple, anything that has to do with online registrations and paying of fees I handled, there was another lady who handled printing and photocopying.

I worked two shifts, morning and evening, because, in Year 2, my time table was very free.

I worked full time during the weekends starting from Friday, and with the salary, I took care of a lot of expenses.


Sell Recharge Card Vouchers

Do you know how many students in most South African universities buy recharge card vouchers daily? Well, almost every single one of them.

The recharge card is just like food in a way, and the daily consumption is very high. I am succeeding in this business, though it requires hard work and publicity.

Once you’re known to be a recharge card reseller, forget it, get ready to make money throughout your stay in school.



Do Assignment Jobs

Do assignment jobs - How to Make Money As a Student in South Africa

No matter how you might try to ignore this, there’s always the set of students that are either too lazy to do assignments or just too dumb (no offense).

To date, I still get offers to work on assignments from many students in school. Why? Well, its because I’ve got good grades, and all my submitted jobs are always top-notch with quality research attached.

For this reason, I charge other students (not going to state how much else you might think I am greedy) for helping them work on the research and compilation phase.

If your the smart kind and you get perfect grades, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be doing this.



Become a Campus Photographer

Become a Campus Photographer - how to make money as a student in south africa

Do you have a camera? Do you know how to press that button at the top with the right photo positions in mind? Well congrats, your already a Campus photographer.

That’s the truth, to start campus photography, you only need to know the basics of photography. Nobody cares if your an expert with 15 branches across the country, all student really need are Affordable Shots. 

As long as you don’t charge too much for taking pictures, you’ll succeed.

I know many students who feed and spend just on this alone, I’d rank this as the third easiest way of making money as a student in South Africa.



Handle Final Year Projects

Do you know how many lazy or too busy final year students are currently in your school? Well, from my experience, they are a lot.

I am currently studying computer science and am in my final year too. Back in Year one, I handled up to 3 last year projects.

From typing down to design and research, you would be shocked to know how much I made for each.

Why take on so much workload you might ask, the thing with final year projects is simple, get a previously submitted project similar to the one you’re given and paraphrase the heck out of it.

I finished the three projects in record time, and it was also because I have extensive knowledge in the topics I worked on.



Sell Hard To Find Textbooks


This one is a little funny, but trust me, it works. Some individual courses, like sports science per se, have a tough time getting good textbooks related to their field.

Well, guess what? I’ll give you my secret method of finding and buying excellent and hard to find textbooks for very affordable prices. It’s called “EBAY & AMAZON,” the number one source if you’re looking for hard to find stuff at affordable prices.

So it’s simple, go around several departments in your school and locate the course representatives for each level, as many as you can find.

Tell them you’re a textbook reseller and you have dozens of textbooks that he might be interested in, next up inquire from him if they’re any textbooks his fellow coursemates are in search of and the price they plan to purchase it for.


Now, find those textbooks online via the platforms I mentioned and download images of the books, do not order yet else you might lose money.

Print colored flyers of the cover with your number and the price, then place it in that department, for each order, you get (make sure you’re paid first), make an online equivalent. If it’s a bulk order, then give them a waiting time of 30 days so you can order for many people at the same time-saving cost.

This one is a very profitable way of making money as a student in South Africa but requires some business skills to start.


Do Typing Jobs

Do Typing Jobs - make money as a student

Last but not least, on my list is typing for other students, I would only suggest starting this business in school if you have your laptop and can type reasonably fast.

You can charge per word or page, and it depends on you. The only problem I have with this business is that its time consuming compared to the rest and doesn’t bring in much except you get a lot of customers.

A quick trick I use to speed up my workflow is through an app called ” ” that scans pictures for words and saves the words in the order it detects.

I take photos first and let the app do its thing, I then transfer the text to my laptop and use Microsoft Word to edit and make sure it’s perfect.



BONUS: How to Make Money As a Student in South Africa (PDF)

As promised, below, you’ll find a PDF of this article.



Easy Ways of Making Money Online in South Africa

Easy Ways of Making Money Online in South AfricaIn this article, I am going to be explaining how to make money online in South Africa. Listed below are seven easy ways of making money online in South Africa as of 2019.

I’ll try to explain each of them and also give you an excellent reference to start making money online using any of the listed ways, Enjoy.


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7 Easy Ways of Making Money Online in South Africa

  • Online surveys
  • Paid to Search
  • Review Websites/Apps for Money
  • Amazon Kindle (Write Kindle eBook)
  • Join ClickWorker
  • Make Youtube Videos
  • Learn Forex Trading
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin
  • Teach Online
  • Buy & Sell Domains
  • Resell Print Tshirts on eBay


Online surveys

Best Survey Websites in South Africa - Easy Ways of Making Money Online in South Africa

You can make money online in South Africa from completing surveys online, there are many survey websites in South Africa, but I have listed only the best ones below.

Best Survey Websites in South Africa


Paid to Search

make money online in south africa - Get paid to search in south africa

You can make money online in South Africa from paid to search websites, there are many paid to search websites in South Africa, but only the best ones are listed below.

Best Paid to Search Websites in South Africa



Review Websites/Apps for Money


How to Make Money Online in South Africa

Another cool way you could use to make money online in South Africa is through website and App reviews.

It’s effortless to review Websites and apps, all you need is a camera & a right mic.

Here are some top-notch Review Websites to consider in South Africa.

Best Paid Website/App Review Websites in South Africa



Amazon Kindle (Write Kindle eBook)

How to Make Money Online in South Africa - Amazon Kindle (Write Kindle eBook)

Another Sure way of making money online is selling Amazon kindle books. According to BusinessInsider, in 2010, about 22 million Kindle ebooks were sold on Amazon.

Not just that, JustPublishingAdvice also stated that currently, in 2019, there are only about 6 million Amazon Kindle ebooks.

These facts alone show the total potential of selling ebooks to make money online in South Africa.

To get started on the Amazon Ebook, here’s an article about writing and publishing Amazon Kindle ebooks.

Authority pub – How To Write A Kindle Book



Join ClickWorker


Clickworker is a global company that uses crowdsourcing to distribute microtasks in fields such as writing, translating, data entry, and research to more than 300,000 “click workers” worldwide.

As of 2019, it is one of the best ways to make money online in South Africa from home.

To get started, to become a ClickWorker Here.


Make YouTube Videos

How to Make Money Online in South Africa - Make YouTube Videos

As of 2019, youtube remains one of the best ways of making money online in South Africa. It’s effortless to get started, and you need a good camera, a quiet and bright place to record, and some editing skills.

The ways you earn money on youtube are diverse, and you can earn money from Youtube Adsense or from making sponsored videos and advertising for different companies.

On average, you get $1000 (R12 800) per million views on youtube for each video.

You can learn more about making money online in South Africa from Youtube videos from researching on google.


Learn Forex Trading

How to Make Money Online in South Africa - Forex Trading

Foreign exchange, more commonly known as Forex or FX, relates to buying and selling currencies to make a profit off the changes in their value.

This is another significant way south Africans make money online, and It’s not that easy to get started, though, as you will need a lot of knowledge to be successful long term.


$5 trillion
The amount that is traded on the forex market every day.


The best part about forex is that many mobile apps have made it easier to start with as low as $10.

The best Forex trading apps I’ve come across so far include:

Best Forex Trading Apps in South Africa


How To Make Money Fast in South Africa (2019)

How To Make Money Fast In South Africa

There are hundreds of ways to make money in South Africa, but if you’re like me, then I am sure you’d want to learn how To Make Money Fast In South Africa because it’s one thing to make money and another to make money fast.


How To Make Money Fast In South Africa

  1. Online Sport Betting
  2. Become a Freelancer
  3. Start Dropshipping
  4. Start Affiliate Marketing
  5. Play PowerBall Lottery
  6. Learn Photography
  7. Become an Uber driver


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During our research on how to make money fast in south Africa, we discovered that one of the fastest ways of making money is via sports betting.

Sports betting in South Africa is trendy in South Africa because of the low amount required to bet.

With a minimum of 15 Rand, you can start betting with BetWay and make more than ten times the amount within a short period.

How To Make Money Fast - Betting

The trick here is not to be greedy, only bet on sports you have experience with, and never putting all your money into one trial.


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Become a Freelancer

If you are looking for how to make money fast online, then freelancing might be the way. On average, a freelancer earns as high as 1000 Rands – 10,000 Rands variably just from doing simple tasks from home.

Freelancing is merely outsourcing your skill to other people who need them for a smaller fee but also fair.

How To Make Money Fast - fiverr seller

The best freelance website for South Africans right now is probably Fiverr; on Fiverr, you can create a profile and start creating gigs (Just another name for services in Fiverr jargon).

Fiverr services (Gigs) you can offer in South Africa include:

  • English To Zulu Translation
  • Record your voice
  • Writing Blog posts
  • Transcription

Primarily anything worth it can be used as a gig on Fiverr South Africa, to get started you can Register here.


Start Dropshipping

If you want to learn how to make money fast in south Africa, then dropshipping is another good option.

Dropshipping is a business model where you serve as a 3rd party between a buyer and a supplier for profit.


It’s that simple, find a supplier and make a deal with them, then you handle marketing the products.

For each order you get, you contact the supplier and pay on behalf then forward it to the customer with your brand name attached (Franchising).

dropshipping earnings report

There are five steps involved in drop shipping;

  1. Select a Niche
  2. Find a Supplier
  3. Select your Product(s)
  4. Select a Platform
  5. Advertise

Currently, the best dropshipping platform in South Africa is Shopify. They offer you simple dropshipping store creation tools and take out all the technicalities involved in running one.

You can start a  dropshipping store right now for absolutely free and only pay after 14 days.


Start Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to make money fast with affiliate marketing is an excellent source of long term passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is about promoting existing products owned by companies or individuals. For each sale made, a commission will be paid to the referral that aids the sale.


All you need are good marketing skills, an audience of potential buyers, and patience. You can market products and offers on facebook and other popular networks; you’d be amazed at how many people are willing to buy from you.

With that said, here are some good affiliate programs in South Africa;



Play PowerBall Lottery

Hands down, PowerBall lottery game, is one of the fastest ways of making quick money in South Africa.

With as little as 2 Rands, you can participate for a chance to win up to 21,939,453.20 Rands. The best part about the game is the fact that it just requires luck and nothing else.

Play PowerBall Lottery

The game is straightforward; all you to do is select five white balls at random and one red ball. For specific number combinations, there are prices, and if you’re lucky enough to guess any of the possible combinations, then you bag a lot of cash.


Sell Amazon Kindle Books

If you’re good with words, then selling amazon kindle books is another fast way of making money, especially in South Africa.

The number of writers currently from South Africa with kindle books is relatively low compared to other countries, and this shows just how much money you can make writing about simple things like south African culture, folktales, etc.

You can get started selling Amazon Kindle Books and other Forms of Ebooks by registering through this link.


Donate Blood

If you’re desperately in need of making money fast, then donating blood is one of the fastest ways to make money. All you need to do is find a blood donation center close to you and get tested for eligibility.

donate blood - ways to make money

While this might not get you rich fast, its still a good option for those looking for a way to make money.

If you would like to try this out, you can visit the SANBS website to find Blood Donation centers in South Africa.


Learn Photography

One good thing about photography is the high demand for photographers on a daily base; learning photography isn’t that hard to begin. It requires practice and a little investment to start up.

According to SalaryExplorer, on average, a photographer in South Africa earns around 27,186 ZAR per month. 27,186 ZAR monthly from taking pictures? I don’t think there’s a more natural way of making money fast, especially in South Africa.


Become an Uber driver

This one is for my readers with car ownership, and if your looking for how to make money fast in south Africa, then Uber might be the best way for you.

Image Source:

It’s effortless and requires little to no stress; all you need is a license and spare time to make money. You can get started by reviewing the Uber South Africa Drivers Requirement.


Fast Or Slow, The Goal is to Make More Money

It doesn’t matter how fast you make money; the important thing is making money from something you love and enjoy doing.

Most of these fast routes above really do work, but the thing is, would you enjoy doing them? Try them out one after the other until you find something you’re happy.

Thanks for reading, and we’d be happy to hear your thought in the comment box below.






Alright, I hope you’ve found this article useful to some extent. If you have any questions whatsoever, leave a COMMENT below, and I’ll get back to you.