Best Technology Colleges in South Africa (2020)

Education in South Africa is now top-notch. They’ve come from humble beginnings to boasting of International Standard schools of all the levels, which are the Primary, Secondary, and Territory. Aside from these, they also have the best Colleges of Technology. The list of Universities in this article will serve as a guide to help the […]Read More

15 Best Art Colleges in South Africa (2020)

Colleges offering arts in South Africa has increased over the years. They provide various programs ranging from visual arts, music, dance, drama, and many more. These schools provide quality facilities, as well as a serene environment for study. Here are the best art colleges in South Africa. Best Art Colleges in South Africa (2020) National […]Read More

13 Best Medical Schools in South Africa (2020)

Finding the right university to study medicine is now easier than before. It used to be a challenge in the past when students travel abroad to get the best medical training. Another beautiful thing is that South Africa’s medical institutions now enough clout in the world. In my list are some of these institutions where […]Read More

Best Teaching Colleges in South Africa (2020)

Are you in South Africa, or seeking to study there? There are indeed a lot of options to choose from and consider. Notwithstanding, choosing South Africa as a study destination is one of the best decisions you will take. You may have been scouting from page to page, or site to site trying to find […]Read More

Best Distance Learning Universities in South Africa (2020)

Has the thought of getting a degree from any of the Distance Learning Universities in South Africa ever lingered in your mind without being confined within four walls in a school building? Thanks to the improvement in technology, as well as the Internet, universities now have the feature of studying online and have made distance learning possible and easily […]Read More

13 Best TVET Colleges In Gauteng (2020)

TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. TVET is all about teaching, training, and education that offers you the needed skills/ability and know-how to be employed or even self-employed. TVET is an essential way of enlarging, building, upgrading, and teaching one’s capacity in their careers and pave the way and opportunities for employment […]Read More

Top Business Schools in South Africa (2020)

South Africa has garnered a reputation for having the best educational facilities and institutions. It’s no surprise that they have some of the best Business Schools which rank high in Africa and the world as a whole. Getting the much-coveted MBA degree from this school gives. prospective students an edge in the Business sector.   […]Read More

Best Business Schools In South Africa (2020)

South Africa is said to have the best business schools and also known to be ranked highly in the international ranking. In 2010 the university of cape town was ranked highly in the FT Executive Education Customized ranking, it was ranked the 2nd in South Africa and the top 49th in the world, then Gordon institute of […]Read More

The Best Law Universities in South Africa (2020)

South Africa has 17 law universities and most of these law universities have been around for a long time indicating that they have a long-standing heritage. According to World Rankings by subject, 5 out of the 7 top-notch law universities in Africa, are in South Africa, which shows the quality training received there. Are you […]Read More

Cheap Universities For International Students In South Africa (2020)

  It could be a thing of concern finding a university to enroll in especially as an international student, bearing in mind other things like accommodation and security, feeding, transportation, and other things that fall into miscellaneous. It is therefore essential finding a school that is cheap/affordable, provides good and qualitative schooling experience, and will […]Read More

Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town (2020)

The nursing profession is of paramount importance to the health sector globally and they are essential to all health care centers and hospitals, without the nurses the health sector will be a mess. In taking up a career in nursing one has to attend the nursing college to become a professional in the field. Attending […]Read More

Best Public Colleges in Johannesburg (2020)

Public colleges are schools that are assisted by the government for their citizens to be able to afford the tuition fee and have the quality education they deserve. It’s difficult to beat the public school because they are more affordable and have the mass’s opinion and also offer scholarship awards for excellent grades to outstanding […]Read More